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If you’re looking for a way to expand your living space and increase your home’s value, consider basement renovations. Basements offer the square footage you might need for a growing family or to accommodate multi-generational living. Finishing or updating your basement will improve your lifestyle at home. Basement renovations also

A basement renovation can almost double the functional living space in your home. Whether you are developing an unfinished basement or are remodeling a dated basement, basement renovations are an excellent investment.  The latest data on the cost vs. value of a basement renovation, as found here, shows that a

Want to do something with your basement? Expand your living space and increase property value with basement renovations in Winnipeg. Before embarking on a major basement development, consider these simple but important tips:  OBTAIN PERMITS AND BUILD TO CODE.  A big DIY mistake for basement renovations is starting without checking local

If you’ve recently purchased a home that was on the high end of your budget, you might not have a huge budget left over for upgrades. Basement renovations in Winnipeg provide the most cost-effective way to expand functional living space, especially when compared to major home additions, and with some smart planning

There are lots of benefits of a finished basement that are attractive to homebuyers. It means there is extra living space, including extra bedrooms and maybe a bathroom. There is room for storage or maybe opportunities to create a special space like a man cave, home theatre, office or fitness